Aqua Impregnation



Diotrol Aqua Impregnation is a water-based impregnation glaze for wood with film-conservation against growth of blue stain (tested by EMPA). Diotrol Aqua Impregnation is used as an impregnation-glaze for woodwork like windows, window shutter, garage-doors, wood constructions, shingle facades and others. Don't use for indoors and stables. The treatment must be done on all sides and before constructing the woodwork. Cross cut wood must be treated properly. For protection against weathering, a glaze or cover coat must be applied.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 25L | 120L




Diotrol Aqua Woodprimer is an opaque adjusted, water based wood-primer with an open-cell structure which penetrates deeply and guarantees a perfect adhesion for the following glazes. Diotrol Aqua Woodprimer is based on a pre-cross linked and oxidative drying natural oil. It is meant to be used as basis for achieving light glazing on dark woods. This primer is fungistatic and gives high UV-protection. 


Packing: 1L | 5L






Diotrol Aqua Whiteprimer is a water based prime-coat for under-roof and woodworks in general. A long living white tint is provided by raw materials of high value, which nearly prevent quick yellowing.


Packing: 1kg | 6kg | 24kg | (120kg)




Aqua Natural Oil Glaze

Diotrol Aqua Natural Oil Glaze is a biocide-free wood glaze made of an emulsion of natural oils with good elasticity and high weather resistance. Can be diluted with water. Can be used indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use impregnate the surface before. 


Packing: 1L | 5L | 20L







Diotrol Aqua Hydroperl UV is a waterbased oil glaze, based on natural, vegetable oils from renewable resources, natural and fossil waxes and micronized, mineral UV-absorbers. Its high penetration ability provides an exceptional depth and thus a good protection against wood graying. Diotrol Aqua Hydroperl UV is free of VOC and wood preservative biocides. It has a high water repellency, which prevents penetration by water into the wood structure effectively.

Packing: 1L | 5L | 20L



Aqua Industry



Diotrol Aqua Industry is a water-based natural oil glaze for industrial application. A specially chosen natural oil made from renewable resources ensures a quick stackability due to its rapid and oxidative drying.



Packing: 1L | 5L | 20L






Diotrol Aqua F natural oil is a wood glaze, based on cross-linking oxidative drying natural oil, for the water diluted treatment of window frames when an oiled surface is desired. Diotrol Aqua F oil is characterized by its high elasticity. A special UV-mechanism protects the paint coat from growing old. Diotrol Aqua F is free from biocides and can therefore be used inside and outside.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 25L






Diotrol Aqua FSL is a low-emission, low-odor waterborne acrylic paint. It constitutes a highly weather resistant and permanently elastic polymer film. Diotrol Aqua FSL is quick-drying, highly UV-resistant, resistant to light, water and chemicals. Diotrol Aqua FSL is known for its very good blocking resistance at high temperatures.


Packing: 5L | 20L | 60L | 120L



  • FOLLOWS Technical data sheet (pdf)

  • FOLLOWS Safety data sheet (pdf)




Diotrol Aqua Edelwax UV is a water based special wax for facades, based on a homogenous mixture of natural oils and hard waxes. Specially for subsequent treatment of wooden facades of larch or douglas pine in higher altitudes. The high amount of oils and waxes allows the water to regel and provides long-term protection. The greying of the facade will be retarded but not prevented.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 20L



  • FOLLOWS Technical data sheet (pdf)

  • FOLLOWS Safety data sheet (pdf)




Diotrol Aqua Premium Wax gives the wood a water and dirt repellent, open-pored and breathable surface. The natural wax for interior use underlines the natural beauty and lively grain of the wood. It is water-dilutable, but waterproof after drying. Diotrol Aqua Premium Wax is produced by using natural beeswax and natural oils from regenerating raw materials. It is free of any biocides and contains 0% VOC. Free from odours and flammable ingredients.


Packing: 1L | 2.5L | 5L





Diotrol Aqua Sun-Ex is a light stabilizer based on a wood-lignin-Oxidants. Diotrol Aqua Sun-Ex prevents the darkening of coniferous woods by the presence of sunlight. Applied indoors for the treatment of raw wood materials. 


Packing: 1L | 5L | 25L | 120L






Diotrol Aqua Sun-Ex Finish ONE is a high-tech coating system for light natural wood such as timber, panelling, floors or indoor furniture. Diotrol Aqua Sun-Ex Finish ONE protects wood from discoloration, such as yellowing or darkening, caused by sunlight. It is a one-coat-system.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 20L | 120L






Diotrol Aqua Wallcare 3 is a waterbased, one coat system for new and light wooden walls indoor. A combination of antioxidants and radical catchers prevent coniferous wood from darkening. 


Packing: 1L | 5L | 20L






Diotrol Aqua Ligno-Protect and Ligno-Protect Plus are special coatings that prevent coniferous wood from yellowing and darkening. A combination of latest high-tech inhibitors avoids change of natural colour on wooden objects for a long time, which is caused by sunlight radiation. Special UV-absorbers, light preservatives and micro-sized sun-blockers also prevent light coniferous wood surface, such as furniture, window-frames, floors and panelling from darkening and maintain the natural wood-character for a long time. Its water-repellence avoids moisture penetration for a short time. Diotrol Aqua Ligno-Protect is colorless, Diotrol Aqua Ligno-Protect plus is white. 


Packing: 5L | 25L | 120L




Aquatrol Panel Lye


Diotrol Aquatrol Panel Lye is a water based, mild lye which effectively protects wood work from darkening by neutralising the tannic acids. Diotrol Aquatrol Panel Lye has an added UV-filter and anti-oxiagents and it also contains natural oils and waxes which saturates and seals the surface for easy maintenance.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 10L




Aqua Flat oil



Diotrol Aqua Flat Oil is an additive only. It increases the long lasting life of all Diotrol Aqua glazes. The addition of 20% of Diotrol Aqua Flat Oil to the last layer gives a silky look which lasts for a long time. The high quality of the wax components increases the elasticity and reinforces the water-repulsion of the glaze coating. (repelling-effect) Especially recommended where the wood construction is extremely weathered and in regions from about 1000 m altitude.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 20L





Diotrol Aqua-Filler is a waterborne spray-filler with high filling power and rapid drying. Excellent sanding and high whitening ratio makes the product outstanding for indoor use. Wood and woodwork like chip boards, veneers MDF-board and so on, can be coated directly. Discolouration by wood ingredients might be possible.


Packing: 20kg



Aqua Lacquer


Diotrol Aqua Lacquer is a water-based, semi-glossy modified alkyd paint for interior and exterior use. Slightly thixotropic. Allows a dripping and approachfree application with good flow. Cleanable and yellowing-resistant paint film.


Packing: 6kg


  • FOLLOWS Technical data sheet (pdf)

  • FOLLOWS Safety data sheet (pdf)



Diotrol PU-Aquasiegel is a waterborne, odourless sealing lacquer, based on 100 % Polyurethane-resin. It yields elastic, resistant and non-yellowing sealing surface on parquet and all kinds of other wooden surfaces in indoor areas.


Packing: 1L | 5L




Diotrol Aqua Woodseal is a waterborne sealing paste for sealing open crossent areas as given to beans and panels, the so called grain-cut timber. After the application, Diotrol Aqua Woodseal will dry to a plasto-elastic and transparent layer. Combination of natural oils of regrowing material. Diotrol Aqua Woodseal prevents penetration of water into wood-construction.


Packing: 250ml | 500ml | 1L | 5L




Degreying Agent



Diotrol Degreying Agent returns the natural look to wood and restores all greyed kind of wood. It does refresh wood that was exposed to UV radiance and weathering. Diotrol Degreying Agent refreshes greyed shutter, planking and massive furniture.


Packing: 1L | 2L | 5L



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