Diotrol Golden Oil describes a hard wax oil, which can be used for a wide range of applications. It’s been produced by using only natural oils and different waxes. Diotrol Golden Oil is free of cobalt drying agents, contains 0% VOC and no harmful substances. It can be used harmlessly to protect wood against water and household chemicals. Even just a one coated application leads to a silky soft and durable surface.


Only colorless: 50ml | 250ml

Colorless and tinted: 500ml | 1L | 5L




Diotrol Golden Oil Exterior is a multi purpose hard wax oil for outdoor woodwork. It`s been produced by using only natural oils and different waxes. Diotrol Golden Oil Exterior is free of cobalt drying agents, contains % COV and is equipped with a special UV-protection filter. To protect the woodwork from fouling by mold, Diotrol Golden Oil Exterior can also be equipped with a special anti fouling agent. Even just a one coated application leads to a silky and durable surface.


Packing: 1L | 5L 



Diotrol Golden Oil "ML" is a water-based wood care lotion for worn-out or faded wooden surface which had been treated with Diotrol Golden Oil. For this product, only renewable raw materials are used. This oil-in-water emulsion is free from any biocidal active ingredients, contains 0% VOC and no metal-based drying agent. It is produced with no petrochemical ingredients.


Packing: 50ml | 250ml | 1L | 5L 


Diotrol Golden Oil Care - Maintenance Oil is an organic, natural care oil. This special oil is used to give new shine to worn or faded wood surfaces. How often it has to be used depends on how much the substrate is used. It is therefore advisable to apply the care oil periodically in order to maintain the surface quality. 

Packing: 50ml |  250ml | 1L | 5L


  • Technical data sheet (pdf)

  • FOLLOWS Safety data sheet (pdf)




The multi-purpose Diotrol Golden Oil Preparator is an environmentally friendly, biological solvent without any petrochemical ingredients. It’s been produced by using only regenerating resources. The included lactic acid ester are created by natural fermentation of sugar and corn glucose. The preparator is biodegradable, contains 0% VOC and no harmful substances. Diotrol Golden Oil Preparator supports the application of solvent-free oils on wide areas.

It can be used to dilute Diotrol Golden Oil Onecoat or Alba White or as a cleaner and passivator (support of absorbents) for preparation of raw woodwork.

Due to the osmotic pressure (molecular lewelling penetration) the following oil will penetrate through the wood cell of coniferous wood, thus the complete saturation of the surface will be achieved. In case of deciduous wood, the pores will be cleaned and opened, so the oil can penetrate by capillarity.


Packing: 50ml | 250ml | 1L | 5L




Diotrol Golden Oil Diluter contains 0% VOC, is odourless and is meant to dilute Diotrol Golden Oil Onecoat. Both products are miscible in any ratio.


Packing: 1L | 5 L




Diotrol Golden Oil Activator is a liquid component to accelerate the drying of Diotrol Golden Oil Onecoat and Alba White. Diotrol Golden Oil Activator contains 0% VOC. In addition to rapid drying of Diotrol Golden Oil Onecoat and Alba White, higher resistance of the surface against abrasion and household fluids will be achieved.


Packing: 300ml



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