Natural Oil Impregnation


Solvent borne wood impregnation based on natural oil. The layer of paint itself is conservated against blue stain fungus. Especially suited for coniferous and absorbent leaf woods. Wood moisture max. 15%. Do not use indoors. Overcoatable after 24 hours.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 25L | 200L



Natural Oil Impregnation B.P. IV


Diotrol Natural Oil Impregnation B.P.IV is a colorless, solvent-based wood impregnation. It protects wood in the long term against wood staining and wood destroying fungi, as well as against insect infestation. Diotrol Natural Oil Impregnation B.P.IV is used for the chemical treatment of components such as windows, window shutters, garage doors, wood constructions and wood briquettes made of conifers or deciduous woods. Do not use in the living area or in stables. Avoid contact with food, including animal feed. Regulatory approval CH-2014- 0009. Dry and reworkable after 24 hours. 


Packing: 1L | 5L | 10L | 25L | 200L


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Diotrol Protect Plus is an odorless, solvent-based wood preservative for the sustainable control of wood insects and a corresponding new infestation in wood constructions. Diotrol Protect Plus acts threefold as a feed poison, respiratory poison and contact poison. Diotrol Protect Plus is approved for the treatment of agricultural buildings, food stores, and feedstuffs. Approval number CHZN4535. Drying time when used as a surface treatment is between 24 - 48 hours.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 25L 


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Diotrol Imprenol is a temporary solvent borne transport-protection, based on natural oil for timber with hydrophobic effect and preservative against a growth of blue stain and black fungi. The minimal UV-absorbent-agent prevents wood destruction by UV-rays. Imprenol must be applied to all sides. Grain cut timber must be soaked properly and sealed with Diotrol Flat Oil afterward. This impregnation does not give a long-term protection against weathering. A protective coating is necessary! 


Packing: 1L | 5L | 10L | 25L | 200L



Diotrol Woodprimer is a fungistatic equipped priming coat for all foreign and domestic kinds of wood. Wood must be sanded fibre-free and wood humidity of hard wood may not be more than 12% and coniferous 15 %. Exotic woods must be cleaned by diluted ammonia-water or nitro-solvent.

Packing:1L | 5L



Dio-Prim active



Dio-Prim Active is a white, solvent borne wood-primer with film conservation against a growth of discolorating and destructing micro-organism. For all foreign and domestic coniferous and deciduous wood. Dio-Prim Active has a very good flow-out, high hiding performances, and a good edge-covering. It acts moisture-regulating and gives good penetration so that the natural tension of the wood structure remains without loss of adhesion and cracking.


Packing: 1,2kg | 7kg | 25kg




3-pigments white


Wood primer and renovation primer based on alkyd resin. Low-odour. Can be used as an adhesion primer or as an intermediate coat. Finishing coat with Diotrol Natural Oil Glaze tinted or conventional synthetic resin paint. Overcoatable after 24 hours.


Packing: 6,5kg | 25kg




Natural Oil Glaze


Diotrol Natural Oil Glaze is an open-cell wood glace, which penetrates very deeply. It does not flake off and emphasizes the natural wood character. Diotrol Natural Oil Glaze is a composition of natural oils with a low content of approved alkyd-resin. It will be manufactured by an extensive mix- and boiling process. This natural oil glace successfully proven since 1938 is very easy to handle and protects the wood from weathering. Diotrol Natural Oil Glaze does not contain any biocidal active substance. Facilitates subsequently renovation.


Tinted: 1L | 5L | 18L

Colorless: 1L | 5L | 25L | 200L







Diotrol Edelwax UV is a special wax, based on a homogeneous mixture of natural oils and hard wax. It is particularly developed for application on wood facades. The high content of oils and wax facilitates water to drain off and protects the facade from moisture-penetration for a long period and consequently avoids wood damage. An integrated UV absorbant prohibits an early decomposition of wood substance by high UV influence. Diotrol Edelwax UV is particularly suited for application at high altitude and damp environment.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 8L




Diotrol Longlife is a solvent borne, highly opaque oilpaint. The therein used natural oils from regenerating raw material of highest quality, assure a long durability. Longlife has a high elasticity and is extremely weather-resistant. Diotrol Longlife is adjusted to fungistatic surface. An integrated filmconservation prevents a growth of microorganism on the paint surface, like black fungi and alternaria. Diotrol Longlife contains a three-rated UV-protection. UV-blocking pigments, as well as chemical UV absorber protect the coating and convert UV-radiation into infra-red radiation. An additional antioxidant prevents the coating from early breakdown. Diotrol Longlife is dropping-inhibited and easy to process. Achieves requirement of DIN-EN 927-1.


Packing: 1L | 5L



Wood balsam oil



Biocide-free impregnation glaze made of natural oils with a high depth of penetration and good weather resistance. For all hard and soft woods inside and outside. Best suited for exotic woods. Ideal for renovations of garden furniture. Apply to clean and dry woods. Overcoatable after 24 hours. 


Packing: 1L | 5L | 18L






Diotrol Hardwaxoil Diodur is a solvent-based wood care product made from natural, vegetable oils from renewable resources, combined with natural and fossil waxes. Suitable for all types of wood indoors. Diotrol Hardwaxoil Diodur is extremely easy to clean. After a good drying, it is resistant to household fluids. Diotrol Hardwaxoil Diodur is therefore ideally suited for wooden kitchen utensils such as crockery, cutlery or fruit bowls.


Packing: 1L | 5L | 18L




Terrace Oil



Diotrol Terrace Oil is a wood oil and care product for hard and soft woods indoors and outdoors. It is based on renewable raw materials, has a high penetration capacity and quick drying. Diotrol Terrace Oil is extremely economical and easy to use. Due to the high binder content based on renewable raw materials, Diotrol Terrace Oil has a moisture-regulating effect. It penetrates deep into the wood and reduces swelling and shrinkage of the wood. The open-pored coating can neither flake, crack nor flake off.


Packing: 1L | 5L 



Clear Lacquer


Long-oil transparent lacquer with modified alkyd resins for interior and exterior application. If necessary dilute with turpentine substitute (brush) or with synthetic resins thinner (spray).


Packing: 750ml | 5L



Boat varnish



Transparent lacquer with long-oil, modified polyurethane resin with extraordinary durability in water. If necessary, thin with turpentine substitute (brush) or with synthetic resin thinner (spray). Overcoatabel after 24 hours. 


Packing: 750ccm | 5L



Flat oil


Hydrophobic additive based on natural oils with special hard wax. It increases the durability of Diotrol Natural Oil Glaze. Addition of 20% to the finish coating produces a durable and silky-flat and elastic surface.


Packing: 1L | 5L






Dioplast is a plasto-elastic and non-shrinking 2-component filling and modeling past. It is used for pointing and filling of cracks and holes, as well as for patching and shaping. It is characterized by a plasto-elastic structure, an excellent adhesion and sanding properties and a low volume shrinkage. Dioplast can be overcoated with all commercial one and two component paint systems.
Dioplast can be used for interior and exterior work and it is completely water-resistant after drying. Therefore it can be used under water. 



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