Diotrol Longlife

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Diotrol Longlife is a solvent-based, highly opaque oil paint. The natural oils used in it, made from renewable raw materials of the highest quality, guarantee a long service life. Diotrol Longlife has high elasticity and is extremely weather resistant. The product is fungistatic. An integrated film preservative protects the coating from fouling by microorganisms such as black fungus and alternaria.

Technical data

Application facades, trusses, shingles, soffits, shutters, garage doors etc.

Container 1L| 5L

Shades NCL-Nordic Collection, SWO-Silverwood opaque, DP-Diotrol Plus, AW-Antikwood, SWT-Silverwood translucent, RAL and NCS shades

Consumption 100-125g/m2 per coat on planed, beveled spruce wood/ 140 – 200gm2 per coat on sawed surface

Processing brush, roller

Worth knowing | Tips and tricks

Integrated in Diotrol Longlife is a triple protection against UV radiation. UV-blocking pigments as well as chemical UV absorbers protect the coating and convert UV rays into infrared rays. An additional antioxidant prevents premature destruction of the coating.

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